With humble beginnings in 1927 father and sons with horse drawn carts collected and resold rags and bottles for recycling.

Then the next generation, father and sons continued the progress and expanded through the post war boom of the 40’s continuing to the 70’s becoming Canada’s leading supplier of textile waste for recycling. Collecting, sorting and selling upwards of 24 million pounds of textile waste worldwide per year.

The fourth generation continued the tradition and in the 1980’s added textile related consumer products for the paint, cleaning and automotive markets.

Throughout the 87 years the family experienced high and low business trends, various market conditions and the inevitable challenges that come with changes in ownership.

…The story continues! The company may have a new name but Tremor Distributing continues to conduct business with ingrained old core values!



To be proactive, To respond to the needs and service all customers in the most timely manner possible with Honesty and Integrity