About Us

Karmin Group celebrates more than 30 years of success as a leading wholesaler and distributor in North America. Strategic alliances have been developed and nurtured with many of the major national retailers in both Canada and the US with some of the biggest brands across our many product categories.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, our modern facility of over 200,000 sq. ft. houses packaging, warehousing and distribution processes to provide the utmost efficiency. In addition, our entrepreneurial culture is alive and well and enables us to move and react as the retail industry evolves.

Karmin continues to grow in a highly competitive market because we refuse to forget our roots and core philosophy: TO BE INNOVATIVE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF NEW PRODUCTS AND PROGRAMS.

We're proud to say that our biggest supporters are our customers because we strive to earn their respect through our quality products, competitive pricing and service excellence.


Contact us anytime to discuss your retail needs. 


The Karmin Team