Kinsey Fit

Established in 2021, Kinsey Fit’s mission is to provide an athleisure line that is accessible to the everyday woman and crafted with the highest quality fabrics.

Bridging the gap between quality and affordability, Kinsey Fit has carefully selected and sourced high-end fabrics comparable to the leading brands in the athleisure industry for a fraction of the cost.

Striving to offer versatility within the market so every woman is able to feel confident not only in her outfit, but in her financial investment. Kinsey Fit, named after founder, entrepreneur, and content creator Kinsey Wolanski, has been an on-going passion project and empire in the making.

To create a product that the quality wasn’t compromised for the cost, Kinsey was determined to produce a line that supported her active lifestyle that she could share with others. Kinsey’s desire for an athleisure brand roots from her extensive love for adventure, stunts, sports, and travel. Whether she is flying her helicopter in California, hiking in South Africa, skydiving in Brazil, or exploring Iceland - Kinsey wanted to design active wear that was suitable for whatever adventure life takes you on.

Here at Kinsey Fit we live and breathe by the motto, “Fit & Fearless” - where we believe it’s not just a lifestyle, it’s a mindset.
"This has been a passion project of mine and I can't wait for you guys to have it in your hands. Everyday luxury sets built for any occasion and that I wear every single day ❤️"
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